My Christmas Holly

Nothing says Christmas to me than Holly! This small painting is 5×7 ” and I reproduced it for my christmas Card this year. The original painting I framed and I donated it to an auction for needy people in my home town.

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Ralph Waldo Emerson said it best… “In art, the hand can never execute anything higher than the heart can imagine”.

I imagine a wonderful married life for my niece Justine and her new husband Ryan. I painted this for them for their wedding which was held in Maui!

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The little blue vase

A Quick study of a sweet little vase with my flowers from the garden. image

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Sea shells from the sea shore

Enjoyed the beautiful Prince Edward Island this summer! A few shells from a lovely day witnessing the wedding of a very sweet couple!

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Getting back to basics

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Getting back to basics

June 1st, the half way time of this year! Lots of spring time jobs to get done, things keeping creeping onto the job list. Just  getting back to simple sketching and painting, no time for a masterpiece!  Only time to get back to basics! Keep your brushes wet! Thanks for visiting! 

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Some little ones!

A friend asked for some small botanical paintings, first time painting “on demand”,  I taped down a 1/4 sheet, split it with tape to the size required, did a quick sketch for each, use a wax resist technique on the palms, wet my paints, wet the paper and began to paint together. First I loved the left one, then the right, then strongly disliked them both, etc. you all know the dialogue that goes on in your head when you paint right. So here is the end result, happily the new owner loved them.

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