Abstract with watercolor

Loved showing my work at our Dunany Art Show! Some of my first abstract renderings were on display and sold! Putting it out there is never easy but glad I did!

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Blind contour drawing

Doing a Blind contour drawing is such a fun and freeing exercise in art! This is my first “blind” drawing. Done without looking at the paper and then later I painted it with a big brush and really loose and fast!this is my second try but just from observation and trying not to tell the whole story and keeping it fresh and loose! Have a go at Blind contour drawing! It is fun! Enjoy!

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Spring twigs!

Thinking spring, however with all the snow on the ground I am a wishful thinker!#watercolour #pussywillowbuds #watercolor

Will the rain ever stop!

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#oneweek100 people

Here is my limited entry, hopefully I can add more! Fantastic fun to try and sketch/draw someone in a hurry! #oneweek100people!

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Spring Trinity

Just trying out new Daniel Smith paints! I love the vivid transparent nature of these paints.

My “Spring Trinity ” is a 3×4″ in 140 lb paper card for a dear friend who just lost her husband.

Hopefully these brilliant green colours will brighten her day!

Everyday is a gift! RIP 😢 @watercolor_aday, Angmacleod

Thanks 😃

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A Spring sampler!

a spring sampler in Watercolour and Ink! Just for fun, loose and fast! A thank you card for a job well done!

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Day Three: Roasted– could not get Garlic out of my head for the day three prompt so here it is! Roasted garlic!!#inktober, #inktober2018, #moleskineart

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